The Difference

It’s hard to find a group of people who love their job more than us! Pet Pals Grooming Center groomers use some of the industry’s top all natural products designed to keep your pets skin and coat healthy for years to come.

We are aggressively priced to ensure you not only get the best services, but also the most affordable ones.

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The Groomings

"Pet Pals Grooming: Compassionate, affordable and professional groomings"

All of our groomers have studied both AKC breed standards and trend grooming. We are trained in all breeds and grooming styles from show grooming to fun and eccentric grooming!

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The Pictures!

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Our Story:  Pet Pals Grooming Center

"It all started back in 1983 when my Dad decided to leave corporate america to follow is dream"

Since day 1, our goal at Pet Pals Grooming Center has been to provide the community with a service for the family pet where they can be pampered by providing grooming services in a gentle, loving and professional manner.

Pet Pals Grooming Center is owned by me--Cathie Harty. Pet Pals Grooming Center is the dream come true vision of my dad Bill Patten who established our grooming shop in November 1983. He inherited a love of animals and a natural gift of their trusting him from his mom who loved and cared for animals all of her life.  A poodle breeder in the sixties (and a bit of a rebel) she was asked to leave her poodle club when she would not destroy her party color puppies--what foresight, now they are in high demand!

Pet Pals started when after a long career in the corporate world my dad decided to run with his dream. He graduated from Pedigree School of Dog Grooming and opened Pet Pals Grooming Center upon his graduation.  I joined the operation in 1986 and apprenticed with him.

Almost 30 years later Pet Pals is one of the longest operating family owned pet salons in all of the United States!  With close to 100,000 groomings under our belt, Pet Pals is the number one grooming store in the MetroWest.

About The Staff

The Pet Pals Grooming Team!

Meet the groomers:

Cathie Harty

Cathie is the owner of Pet Pals Grooming.  She has been grooming dogs and cats since 1986.  She has groomed virtually every breed, and also quite a few competing show dogs.  Cathie loves animals and has a true passion for grooming.

Vivian Goodie

Vivian also began in 1986 with her graduation from Pedigree. She brings to grooming a background in insurance and sales and product creation and design. Vivian has a gifted repore with animals and quickly puts them at ease and encourages them to enjoy their time with us.

Josh Eason

Josh joined our grooming salon in March of 2005 and quickly found a place in which he could shine. His skill and gentleness with animals is a wonderful strength which he brings to our salon. Before grooming Josh worked as a dog trainer and in sales.