FAQ: Answers

What is a grooming? What does it include?

A grooming includes cleaning and plucking excess fur from the ears as needed, expressing the anal sacs as needed, toe nail clipping, a bath, brush out and desired styling.

How long does a grooming take?

A grooming for a short haired dog or cat such as a beagle type coat generally takes between 1 and 2 hours. A pet with long fur or styling requirements averages between 3 to 5 hours depending on the coat.

Should I wait for my pet?

Usually pets are dropped off and picked up after they are finished. We can either call you or you may pick a time that is convenient for you. Of course if you prefer to wait for your pet you certainly have that option.

Do you groom cats?

Yes we do groom cats. We will groom any cat that allows us to groom them.

Will my dog or cat be in contact with the other animals in the salon?

All the pets are able to see the other pets in the store however, we do not allow them to play or interact closely with each other as a safety precaution.

Can you clip my dogs nails all the way to the paw?

There is a vein that runs through the dog or cats nails and we can clip to that vein which is different on each pet, but we try not to clip closer than that.

How many groomers are working?

We have 3 groomers working at Pet Pals.

Do you take walk-ins? Do you take walk-ins?

We take short coated breed walk-ins most days. Longer coated pets or pets requiring styling work we will take as our scheduled allows.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We generally can make an appointment for your pet the week you call. It is always good to book ahead if you are planning a specific event or it is holiday time.

Should I feed my pet breakfast on grooming day?

Yes, please feed your pet so that they will be comfortable and that will add to their pleasure during their grooming.

What should I do if my pet is skunked?

Do not wash them in tomato juice as the high acidity level may irritate their skin and it does not neutralize the skunk odor either does vinegar. You may use a 16 oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide , 1/8 cup of baking soda and a little shampoo for suds. Shampoo usually around the head, do not get into the eyes and rinse out well. A bowl of vinegar left out on the counter will help get the odor out of the air.

What products do you use?

Our product line is all natural and hypoallergenic. Depending on the skin and coat condition of the pet we have products to relieve itching and add moisture back into the coat and skin. We use no hash chemical shampoos ever or chemical dips.

How do you treat flea and tick removal?

We use herbs and natural oils instead of insecticides. These products are effective and gentle on the pets skin and nervous system.